Zero Complete Skateboard

zero Complete Skateboard

Please help! What skateboard should I buy?

I narrowed my search to these two tables. I would like to know the advantages of each, and I should choose. 1. Http:// 2. What is known for each brand? What is the best advice in general?

Almost: Almost skate own diversification of other companies through the use of other materials such as epoxy resin and carbon fiber inserts, along with some other experimental methods. Almost only released three runners using carbon fiber, the light über, Support and Impact Double Impact. Über Light contains a carbon foam core, giving it the force of an inner cover of a cover. Also only 500 plates Light über asked when first produced, but now regularly manufactured. Impact Support uses punching carbon fiber discs, inserts around the truck assembly areas to avoid cracks in pressure in the traditional points of breaking a skateboard. Supports impact are covered by a 30 day warranty. In 2010 published the series almost double impact carbon fiber rings along with a top layer of his shock signing for carbon reduction by a trip very comfortable and durable they are backed by a new 45 day warranty. In addition, users have said the experience "impeccable" and "enjoyment" while riding in a double series of impact. [2] Most known for its light products, and technical maneuvers performed by pilots of the team. I can not really find any information. Forum zero .. I think I'd get the board almost. Hope this helps

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