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Surgery.— Address in State Medicine.— Tr< as-
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and a flannel bandage was applied round the chest. In ten
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Its production satisfied the demand of the profession for an elegant pharma-
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j)apers, either read l^efore the Academy, or published
and myxcedema sleep too much, the last more especially in the daytime.
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hole is made in the bottom of the reservoir to correspond with a hole
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many eminent pure and simple M.D.s — such as Sir H. Cooper,
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One cause of dropsy, and that by far the most frequent, has
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did not know of an operation the technique of which had
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gus which occupied nearly all the anterior half of the worm. The idea
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and placed a piece the size of a filbert against the
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the afflux) of the venous blood in the intestinal w^alls. The
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ing, never worked hard, but in moderation ; is very confident that
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poison-label ; in fact, we do not remember ever to have
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not essentially different in these affections at the stage which may
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Society of the County of Richmond (Stapleton), N. Y,
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fectant, since all are efiective, even the most opposite in
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for extracting the placenta, etc. The following quotation
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Finally, from iha fourth impure source flowed the clinical
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buildings; hospitals providing physicians with practice guaran-
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CQ f-i CQ I-" Tt^O 'CC 1^ CQ ' • *-« ^ : ^Hm ^ r-l
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treatments. He understood these intervals were from
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form of mental disturbance known to alienists as para-
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flax-seed poultice and the newer proprietary article called Antiphlogistine.'
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vaginal lithotomy should be the operation. We should be on the safe
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I would not have my dear countrywomen enervate themselves
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cases the soft palate presented a loss of substance. In one
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were two lines of lympliangitis up the back of the arm
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Candidates are required to give fourteen days notice in writing to
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iiearlyall lh» m'- ■-- "- ■- **- "-'•■■ °—
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which, within the last twenty years, have led to the elucida-
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have lost all power of voluntary movement, another series of phenomeiu
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demie de tievre typhoiile qui a regne a Clermont-Ferrand
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tion of the urethra; this is the urethral sphincter, Wilson's
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been brought forward as the exciting cause of bronchocele. It
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legs being successively involved, and finally the muscles of the hand and
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development. For two years menstruation had been profuse, with occasional
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Page 355, second column, eleventh line, for " once in 19 or 20
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slight diagnostic value. In acute attacks the pupils tend to be dilated,