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tissues become flabby ; there are evidences of arterial degeneration ; the

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rapid, feeble, and irregular, more time and greater force for the ejection of

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the abdominal parietes occur. In all cases of chronic peritonitis there are

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of the accumulation of gas in the bowel above the obstruction; tender-

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press the splenic or superior mesenteric vessels, the vena portse, the in-

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In most cases a slight exposure is sufficient to induce the disease ; in some

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eral anesthesia is required. The immediate effect on the tumor is to

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changing it into living tissue ; as a result the body is unable to resist

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' Kecklinghausen says that these abscesses depend on " extra-vascular accretions of fungi.

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degeneration of the heart is the result of raal-uutri- heut fibres, a. x 400.

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has, bcc?AiSD of its physiological cause and situation, been called compensa-

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dry and moist gangrene. Dry gangrene is the variety where apparently

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In cancer, the hepatic enlargement is slower than in abscess, and there is

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If the pulse is full and regular, perhaps beating at the rate of 110 or 113

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hygienic and climatic conditions are all important, and the individual

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freely with bronchial tubes. The sub-clavian murmur (discussed in

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less removed, so that the prognosis in old cases is much more favor-

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to let out the stagnated blood and pus, and rigid antisepsis afterward,

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conformations of soil entirely destroys, malarial generation. In the ma-

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backward, and is caused by falls on the outstretched

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after this time the parallelism ceases as the failure of heart-power begins

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inclination on the part of the patient to rid the upper part of the throat of

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terially impairing the general health. Death may be caused by gangrene,

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ment particles. The bronchial glands are always more or less affected, and

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it may extend to the right nipple. If the left side of the heart is the seat

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tic exudation, and some in the pleura itself. The clear serum becomes tur-

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dominal symptoms which indicate that intestinal changes are still progress-

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cavity." A large cavity may, by contraction of the fibrous tissue around

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of-3 bandage may then be applied over the plaster. When the lower ribs

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may shoot down either arm. If the intercostal nerves are pressed on, there

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each contraction drives the needle farther distant. In removing a

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stud the gland. Adhesions generally bind the organ to the adjacent parts.

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