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The left eye is usually somewhat inflamed every four weeks.

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ment is rubbed in very gently, but effectually, before

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Report upon the epidemic of typhoid fever at Plymouth,

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A Hospital for Boxborough. — Mr. J. Vaughn Merrick,

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cent, commencing betwixt the ages of five and fifteen years."

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from patients not at the height of intoxication from exophthalmic goitre.

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Moss ; Corresponding Secretary, Charles Oakes, Esq.

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Ian (of Stettin) found that a patient, to whom he gave 53 grammes daily,

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quick, hard, almost imperceptible pulse; and when near smelting

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ulcerating deeply in patches, or giving rise to annoying boils. Sina-

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imperfect utilization of the proteid constituents de-

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above, and aftected the left posterior horn and the hinder part of the

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the infantile brain is poorly protected from pressure

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of this year she had what appeared to be a simple catar-

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No conscientious farmer would knowingly employ a phthisical

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the soft, quaggy feeling of the part, denoting gangrene of the cellular

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by compression of the chest in order to overcome a gradually increasing

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tissue and the posterior wall of the vagina, we have ft dense

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A Fatal Case of Septicsemia Beginning as Angina FoUicu-

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any, except from casual or accidental circumstances, and the

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were to do well in this attack also, as his temperature fell to

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Mallett presented a uterus that he had removed on the

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appears normally at the latest in one and three-quarter hours. The examination

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and give the \medical society of the county * satisfactory

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stitched up, but considerable swelling and great pain being

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tion to the practical study of general pathology have been

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Burns f states, " that the membranes should be allowed to

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secretion, mucoid or purulent, does not mean that the condition

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it, sometimes with their physician's advice, sometimes

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logne of 1855-7, passing to England in the latter year; and of our own

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it affords them. They begin either at the invitation of others or from

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she discovered a " small, hard bunch " just beneath the nipple, which

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heart which are not accompanied at one time or another

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draw the curtains, move the candle so as to make the light fall on his

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especially ; one, the unselfishness with which mem-

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lution, after a fashion, does, in exceptional cases,

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