The World’s Second Hardest Skateboard Trick

Virtually as soon as I ended crafting an article attempting to reply the age old question, “Which is the earth’s hardest skateboard trick?”, I began to get the question, “OK, which is the second hardest skateboard trick?” Of course, at first I wanted to ignore this question, and I surely didn’t wish to discover myself one day composing a write-up about the seventeenth most challenging skateboard trick, but as the requests kept coming in, I finally gave in, so right here I am, trying to respond to the age old query: What is the world’s second hardest skateboard trick?

 So which is the answer to this query? What helps make answering it so tricky is, to be honest, I don’t believe we previously came to a decisive conclusion as to which is the #1 hardest trick was. And of course, how do we learn what number two is if we have notrecognized the first one? Let’s review. In that report, we mentioned the kickflip, and what a hard and absolutely frustrating experience learning to kickflip can be, and that once the elusive kickflip has been conquered, mastering other tricks often seems to feel less complicated and quicker. But we also mentioned that heelflips are usually regarded as tougher than kickflips, so if heelflips are number one, the kickflip would be a ideal number two.

 We additionally brought up  the impossible and the tre-flip, each of which are regarded as by most to be tougher than the kickflip and heelflip, which would push each of those out of the equation, but would that maybe put the impossible at number one and the tre-flip at number two? How about vice versa, possibly?

 We also talked about transition (ramp or vert) tricks, and how some may consider them more challenging than street tricks. But that starts an entirely new argument. What is the most challenging vert trick? And then what is the second most difficult vert trick?

 In the end, the query regarding the world’s second hardest skateboard trick is just as impossible to answer as the query about the first toughest skateboard trick. So I guess I possess no answer. Screw it. The impossible. That’s the answer. Happy?

 P.S. Do not send me any inquiries about the world’s 3rd most difficult skateboard trick.


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