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Friday, December 10th, 2010

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Market their products and services with brochures profitable

While the trend in recent years is to go "digital" and market websites e-mail use and, most computer users utilize spam filters e-mailed brochures so many never reach their destination, and easy for website visitors to click quickly, but far from all web pages more attractive.

The classic "three times" brochure is both profitable and a great way to put something tangible in the hands of prospects.

A triptych is usually 8.5 by 11 inches, and folds perfectly to about 3.7 inches wide by 8.5 inches high. This compact size allows it to be sent as a self-mailer, an envelope with a cover letter and business card, or can be placed in a brochure rack on a counter, or easily received in the in-on-one.

Many printing companies offer cheap ink newsprint in the four-color process. For example, 1,000 tri-fold brochures can be printed on glossy paper with a clear layer of about 20 cents each including folding. Because offset printing is a manufacturing process, the same brochure will cost about 5 cents each when you print an amount of 10,000.

Tips for creating a great brochure:

  • Communicate a key message
  • Use photographs, graphics and text together
  • The creative use of graphic design
  • Use a clear call to action
  • Has your brochure design professional

Report a primary message

Should be careful not to try to put too much information a small tri-fold brochure. You have six panels to work within, but be aware most readers can only look at their catalog and at general will not read all the way through the booklet.

First, write down exactly what the purpose of your brochure.

Then List your primary marketing messages. Then divide your marketing message into two or three areas to prepare for.

List of visual ideas to explain your marketing message or product offerings, and the list of all existing digital assets you may have that could be used in the brochure.

Use photographs, graphics and text together

While some beneficiaries brochure reads everything in the booklet, most readers first analyze the prospectus, and read more of this booklet later, when ready to proceed to next step.

Using high quality pictures quality with short descriptive titles is a way to convey information to readers to "skim" through the guide quickly. photos quality are powerful communicators, but sometimes short captions should be used to support or explain the pictures that are not self-explanatory.

Even if you do not have the picture that can be used in the prospectus, stock photography, can often be very cost effective and saves you time and effort involved in recruiting a photographer.

Graphics, such as blocks of color or intricate designs can be used to draw attention to specific areas of information.

The text should be easy to read and is limited to a few broken sentences headlines or sub-chiefs.

The creative use of graphic design

Creative graphic design can be very effective in making your brochure "does not bend." For example, the outer shell could be in color, and the "double-in the "panel can be a different color, and inside the sheet may have a consistent background color or completely different.

Color can be used to unite elements of the brochure or to separate areas of the booklet to organize information and marketing message.

Some thought should be put on what is shown in each panel of the brochure so that there is a natural flow. Have your marketing message or what the brochure is on the cover of the booklet takes the reader then brochure while reinforcing that message in different panels is a good way to reinforce in the mind reader what you offer or what your product is about.

Use a clear call to action

Even if your brochure is designed to simply introduce your business to a potential client, a friendly call action, such as "Call Now" or "Learn more about us at / info" can be gentle reminder to readers to take the next step.

Make sure you have your contact information in the prospectus and in the back of the booklet. If the reader is the need to call or to go to their website, make it easy for them to do.

Get your professionally designed brochure

Although it is tempting to use a template that comes with the word processor, based on a generic brochure design professionally represent your company and to convey their marketing message is not a good idea. Word processing templates are not intended to be used for marketing professional, are often incompatible with the flow work offset printing.

Working with a graphic designer will not only ensure you have a totally unique brochure for your company, he or she will help you decide what your main message is marketing and how best to convey that message through the booklet.

It is not that saying that your existing logo and branding should utiliized, but if you are starting a business, you may not have much to work, in which case a graphic designer can put a logo and also attractive.

Finally, an experienced designer usually has access to editors and professional photographers and can help create a truly professional brochure.

Remember, you can only get one chance to make a great first impression with a potential new client.

About the Author

Vann Baker is the president of Design-First, and has been creating brochures, direct mail, catalogs and other marketing materials for clients for over twenty years. For more insight into effective graphic desing and marketing, visit

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