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Blind Skateboard

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

blind skateboard
blind skateboard

Superhuman profile: Ben Underwood – Genius echolocation

For those of you know about echolocation, is essentially the ability to "see" through sound. While this is not an unknown capacity human beings have, Ben Underwood was arguably the most sophisticated user the ability to date. Diagnosed with cancer at the age of two, later Ben had to have his eyes removed in just three years old. Few would have expected he would live a life so extraordinary.

Things changed for Ben when, five years, learned to see where things stood fast by clicking the language – as do both dolphins to navigate the oceans. This snap vibrating barriers around it to allow Ben to find your way back.

His mother was a major driving force behind the success of Ben. Never allow someone tells Ben that he was not "normal" and that guides their hands through objects, as they walked together, allowing you to build a clear picture of their surroundings on his head. Without having to use a guard dog or a cane, used their echolocation abilities for skate, skateboard and play basketball – leaving medical words with their talents.

Unfortunately Ben died in 2009 just 16, when his cancer returned with devastating effects. One thing is certain, Ben has left a legacy that will not be forgotten and has inspired many people to use the determination and willpower to get what they want out of life.

The documentary follows is from Channel 5 and the life of the details of Ben and his ability. I highly recommend watching one of the videos I've found most inspiring people while investigating superhuman.

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Blind Skateboarder

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