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Pig Skateboard

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

pig skateboard
pig skateboard
skate … best pop?

I have a cheap board, has an image m & ms in it ok … so new to skateboarding, but my advice has no pop im … what should I like loose trucks or what? i have wheels bone-in pork and red pulse in my truck that I drive cap … if you need any information other in their responses ask me … help please. my parents say I'm going to get a card when I know alots to skate well and do tricks … I know it's weird … Me I bought my board a month or nearly 2 months …

"Pop" as you call it is totally derived from the rigidity of the cover itself. It has nothing to do with trucks or conventional wheels. If your card has bad pop, then most likely a dead board is too soft meaning moisture or simply old and worn that in Get a new cover. even a new cheap housing is better than a platform model that is old pro.

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