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Do You Make These Novice Skateboarding Mistakes?

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

Skateboarders make it all looks so simple and easy. Just keep pushing yourself off with a foot and you keep moving right along! And you’re doing it! But… after you step foot on the board, you immediately realize there’s a bit more to it. The truth is it’s a difficult sport to do well. If you can learn how to stay on the board pretty fast, how about all the rest you’ll want to do? But how about all the tricks and things you see other people doing? Before you get disappointed that you can’t do fancy tricks right away, you should know that even the best skateboarders in the world started out where you are now: a total newbie. Here are some things you can do to help speed up your learning process.

It takes time to figure out which foot goes in front and which foot goes in back. It’s not like other sports where it matters if you’re a lefty or a righty. You’ll need to determine which leg is dominant. How do you approach things? Which foot do you naturally use when you kick a ball? Walking up stairs, which foot do you usually start out with? Which leg/foot do you always use to catch yourself if you ever start to fall? That will be your dominant leg, and it normally stays to the rear of the board. How you stand has less to do with which way you want to face as you move on the board and more to do with which leg is stronger and sturdier.

Ok, when you want to turn – shift your weight in the right direction and hold your balance the best you can.

This does not mean that you have to lean your entire body frontwards or backwards. What you want to do is shift from flat-footed to either your heels or the ball of your feet. And your body remains upright and there’s no swaying back/forth. You could fall-off by leaning/swaying excessively. Just practice on an even and flat surface that is not crowded. You can get the feel for shifting weight with wide turns that are gentle, then you can try more sharper turning. Then, when you’re comfortable, practice lifting the front a little for the sharper turns.

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Ok, tricks – start slowly and learn one at a time. It’s super important to learn the basics and get them down. Avoid trying the big jumps, or skating down the staircase. Do some small lifts and changing directions. Or try to jump the board with direction changes. Don’t do dangerous tricks first, get the easier ones down and then move on. Just like learning to skateboard, doing tricks takes starting small and gradually moving up.

Learning how to skateboard does not have to be difficult but it will probably take some time. Be patient and don’t worry–you will learn! It’s important to learn the basics before trying the fancy tricks. Going too far and too fast is the way to get unnecessarily hurt. Never know, you could be another Tony Hawk.