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Old School Skateboarders

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

Old School skateboarders
old school skateboarders

At 71, a former physics professor is a Web star

Walter HG Lewin, 71, a physics professor, has always been followed worship at MIT and now has become an international Internet guru, thanks to the global classroom the institute created to spread knowledge through cyberspace. Professor Lewin's video lectures in physics, toll-free in the Open Courses Massachusetts Institute of Technology, have won him devotees across the country and beyond the things of your e-mail in the box with praise.

Last week, Yale University some of their degree courses and teachers most popular free online. The list includes Controversies in Astrophysics with Charles Bailyn, Modern Poetry with Langdon Hammer and Introduction to the Old Testament Christine Hayes. MIT recently expanded its online classes by opening a site aimed at high school students and teachers. Judging by fans e-mail, Professor Lewin, who is among those listed in the new site, appeals to students of all ages.

Professor Lewin revels in his fan mail and the idea that is spreading the love of physics. "Teaching is my life," he said. The professor, who is from the Netherlands, said that teaching a required course in introductory physics to MIT students made him realize "that what really counts is physical love, to love science."

Professor Lewin was correct, "Mr. Boigon wrote in an e-mail to a reporter." It made me see … and has changed my life for the better! "

"I had never taken a course in physics or calculus, or differential equations," wrote Professor Lewin. "Now that I've done everything in order to be able to follow his lectures. I knew the name Isaac Newton, but nothing about Newtonian mechanics. I had heard talking about the likes of Einstein, Galileo. "But he added he had" no clue on earth as it is. "

"I walk down the street to analyze the strength of a boy on skateboard or the recoil of a carpenter using a nail gun, "he wrote." Thank you with all my heart. "

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