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Longboard Deck

Friday, September 16th, 2011

longboard deck
longboard deck

Longboard for Beginners

Longboarding and skateboarding began roughly at the same time during the 1950s. Until the rise in skateboarding popularity caused more skate parks to start being built in the 2000s, longboarding was mostly practiced in Hawaii and California. This was mainly due to the ease of transition surfers had to longboards. However, even professional surfers had to start off as longboarding beginners. Over the last decade, there has been a lot more material available on longboards for beginners in an attempt to further popularize the sport. The following are just a few beginning tips on longboarding and what to look for when purchasing your first longboard skateboard.

Longboads are a better mode of transportation in comparison to the typical short deck Style Skateboard. You get more distance and momentum per push due to the longer deck. The main method of moving on a longboard is to push on the ground with either your left or right foot while the opposite foot stays on the board. The typical method of stopping is to simply use the foot you kick with as a brake by placing it firmly on the ground next to your longboard skateboard. This can, however, be a dangerous method if it is applied when you are moving at high speeds, especially if you are going downhill. If you find yourself needing to stop while going at high speeds, move the board from side to side in an S pattern to slow your momentum until it is safe for you to use a foot brake.

When choosing your first longboard, you need to think about its main use. Are you looking to get a longboard for transportation or entertainment? Most <a href=””>longboards for beginners</a> are usually the shorter deck versions because most people get into the sport for the tricks aspect and don’t plan to use the board for actually travelling distances. However, if you want a board that is more useful for transportation, you will need to get a longer and wider deck that is more optimized for travel ease. Whether you want a longer deck for travel or a shorter deck for competition, you may want to look into getting a board that has a tail so you can turn easier.

Longboarding has been around for over half a century and doesn’t look like it is going anywhere any time soon. Material on longboards for beginners is very easy to find. Look around for more tips about longboarding and ask fellow longboarders about how to get better at the art of longboarding. Maybe one day you can be a pioneer that brings the sport to the height of its rise to popularity.

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