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Old School Pool Skateboards

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Old School pool skateboards
old school pool skateboards
Comment on this skate please?

Best comment wins. Skateboard Details: – 55mm standard wheels – 30 "x 10" wide cover (the old school – board swimming pool – paddle-shaped) – Trucks are standard 7.5 "wide + – Has protective plastic sides (Front, rear and side) Is it okay to adapt to the speed sailing on board good? Will see strange and weird to ride this board on the street? There is ample space on your deck and is 30 "long, so you can carve and assemble on a hill with it? any possibility of speed oscillations, here is the link to the video short of the skateboard. v = y0f4OImQcBc


Hendo Pool Skateboard Sesh Hendersonville, NC Old School

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