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Yugioh Deck List

Friday, August 26th, 2011

yugioh deck list

Yugioh Card Deck List or strategy?

I am looking for a yugioh deck that is created by peers (not Konami) or surprising or strategy many strategies to make a good deck … thanks please help! Also if ur cards cards EXCLUDE list box Goyo Guardian and gold and things that do not cause those, but I'm not a player through

^ Clear that the cover is hideous monsters – 18 of Pegasus x3 Crystal beast sapphire crystal beast amethyst cat beast x3 ruby crystal beast topaz carbuckle tiger x2 x3 Crystal beast amber glass Mammoth Rescue Cat x2 Morphing Jar Monk Summoner Destiny Hero – Diamond Dude x2 Spells – 22 hand destruction x2 x2 x2 Crytsal forming Terra Beacon x2 Crystal Blessing Crystal Promise x2 Ancient City – Rainbow Ruins x2 x3 gold sarcophagus of rare value x3 Abundance Crystal x3 card destruction imagine how my deck, also golden sarcophagus, which changes with Kuraz, becuz I doubt that they have

Yugioh Decklist – Gadgets – Yugioh US Nationals 2009 Exclusive!

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