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Cheap Skateboarding Stuff

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

cheap skateboarding stuff

skateboarding: umm, where I can buy cheap trucks and wheels that are like the most expensive?

Im broke now. And I'm thinking of buying a new skateboard and wheels and the like. Because I have now are all broken and stuff. But I wonder where they sell cheap trucks. Because in stores, are like $ 24 – $ 30 or more for a truck, and now I can not afford that. Also my parents do not want to give me more money = (

$ 24-30 per truck! stores are a scam Check out the average costs of trucks and $ 40 a pair to get independent, also mounted the best and will not break on you with regard to the wheel well! Spitfires get! a whole could cost $ 26-30

Skate Stuff for Sale CHEAP!!!

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