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Birdhouse Deck

Monday, September 19th, 2011

birdhouse deck
birdhouse deck

Have A Long Memorial Day Weekend? – Use The Time For A DIY Project

So do you have a plan for Memorial Day weekend? Then why not use the time for a DIY project or at least start thinking about what you would like to build. I’m sure by now you’re getting sick of winter and you would like nothing more than to get outside and do something constructive.


There’s many different projects you can work on if the weather is nice, you can go with something big or small.


Maybe you’ve been considering building a deck? If so that’s a good decision because it not only adds value to your home, but it also is one of the more popular do-it-yourself construction projects these days. Still you need to ask yourself an important question how much space can you really commit to a deck? Look at the layout of your house and yard, including your driveway and garage, gardens, trees and rocks, and anything else on your property. While you may have this wild picture in your head of a giant deck that can hold many tables for entertaining, you might only have room for a narrow deck that wraps close to your house. Be realistic about what styles and sizes are going to work best for you.


You might want build a shed for your garden tools or to put your pool equipment or toys in. The first thing to figure out is where you would like to place the shed. The next thing is to determine how big you would like your shed to be. These are all things you need to put some thought into before you do anything. Once you’ve done that then it’s time to start designing your new woodworking shed. Now to be honest it’s always better to have an extra pair of hands when it comes to a project of this size, mainly for safety reasons.


Perhaps you would prefer to build something on a smaller scale like a birdhouse or even just a simple jewelery box for your wife or mother. This type of project is a really good beginners project you can work on with one of your kids. It’s how I learned in when I was younger.


It doesn’t really matter what kind of project you want to tackle, the point is if woodworking is something new for you then you’re going to need a little guidance and that’s perfectly alright.

Just remember planning your project is the most important step. Once you’ve narrowed it down to what you want to build this Memorial Day weekend, then all you have to do is put your plan into action.

People want to save money these days by doing those woodworking plans themselves. But on a more personal note I like the feeling of accomplishing something myself and having someone else do the job for me. it’s an awesome feeling. On that note I strongly encourage you to check out my website if you want to get further educated on woodworking. Go to EASY-DIY-WOODWORKING-PROJECTS

About the Author

Hello everyone, my name is M.B. Williams and as you can tell I like to ski. Woodworking is something I grew up with, my father taught me some of the unique knowledge that he had before he passed away. I learned most of my craft in trade school as a carpentry major, so I like to share and give advice on my experiences that I’ve learned over the years.

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