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Blank Longboard Deck

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

blank longboard deck
blank longboard deck
Would reassemble my trucks longboard compromise the integrity together?

Okay so about 6 months ago I bought a blank 42 inch elk cover and some of Randal IIs. I changed trucks and installed randals values ​​but suck my turning radius. (Probably due to the size of the cover) I was going to drill some new holes to reinforce my laps. But I'm not sure if it would compromise. Strength / integrity of the board

Redrilling the cover is not likely affect the strength of the deck, but it could leave a pile of wood hanging from each side, which might not be strong enough as if you put your weight on it. For more carvability, loosen their trucks, or replace the bushings (the soft rubber on the trucks). Replacing the caps is completed spice up your board. Do not turn your back to the hangar, will reduce its turnability. Search this site for a better set of caps. Motion Boardshop Bushing Selection

Blank Longboard Unboxing!!!

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