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venous drug users are at an increased risk of M tuberculosis
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gatives; skin soft and moist; tongue red around the edge and tip ; pulse regular; impulse of
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described under progressive muscular atrophy (p. 215).
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presentation of facts, demonstrate to all, that the keeping of swine,
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these are added to the home consumption, the sum total becomes 49,381,821
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remarkable. Dr. Richardson, who was long the civil physician and
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when the os was two-thirds dilated and dilatable. At half past twelve,
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relief from horrible orthopncea was obtained, and it never returned, though the
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ance by the effusion of an opaque substance between
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the effects of other operations, the mucus membranes of the eye, and nose on the operated
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requires a long apparatus with free knee-joint and hip-
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of either to ^ pint of water), place the cloth against the navel,
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organs, and other significant gains have been made. Surgical
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the month of March to the sea-coast at Rockaway Beach.
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of rupture of the uterus, Caesarean section was performed. The
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In 1866 he published an excellent history of the Edinburgh
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for dogs. It is commonly administered in pill, and often
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are equally liable, at one time or another, to local or general morbid con-
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10. That tertiary syphilis does not cause sterility in a
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filtrate contained in a porcelain dish, a beautiful red color ap-
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