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niasis, states that the only important symptom of typhoid fever
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— — — instances of great mortality from tiie use of bad water 95
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as before. Often, we are told that the itching is intense at night,
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may irritate the bowels and increase the diarrhoea.
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about every 5 minutes, mind perfectly clear, great thirst, abdo-
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sxists as to the best and safest method. The operations which
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one of which recovered, and three terminated fatally. The following is the record of
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tendency of which is to support the view that in so-
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There is a tendency among students and interns to make a
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On the 3d day his bowels were moved by an enema; opium continu-
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ture was hot, he would give a child, when necessary, three,
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open. Had some fair sleep, with usual morphia injection.
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vote of sympathy was passed by the society for Drs. Buckingham and Battey,
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twenty-four hours' quantity is usually somewhat above the av-
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Two or three practical points should be attended to.
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Fatty Degeneration is specially seen in phosphorus poisoning
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moves into the patient’s ureter, obstruction can occur
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the whole case the pulse and respiration were normal.
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De-Alcohollsatlon of beverages as a preventive of in-
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on the ground, both knees bent, and the pelvis rotated forwards,
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cases, to obtain alleviation, if not permanent cure.
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the flexor's or extensors of the wrist and fingers, or both together, arc
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there may be a partial fulness or distention of ves-
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a detailed account of the post-mortem findings in the case of a
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litic history, having been afilicted with various syphilitic
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happy and everlasting home in the life which succeeds this, therefore
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quickly to the influence of ether, and is therefore harder to handle.
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infection. His discussion of the topic is particularly impor-
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that it cannot be discarded or superseded at the present time in