skateboard trick book

skateboard trick book
All Skateboards!?

I need websites or books that teach me everything you need to know about skating! tricks, parts, sizes, brands, stores, the best kind! And good music to skate! I also wonder what the Board should get the size i am 14 1 / n 2 years, 105 pounds! thanx soo much!

Canada America if u want to go Boardin theres not much about the way I can teach uu hours unless the end the pieces work experience Training are on the cover, screws, wheels, bearings, belts (option I used), trucks. Cover size is the size of the feet usually ur im 13 108 pounds and my foot size is 9 1 / 2 but I've been using since the packet size of 7.5 the size of my foot was 6 1 / 2 and the music going for u wat music as I go with rap, hip hop, rock, heavy metal rock Old School thin'm not in the mood for.

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