skateboard reviews uk

skateboard reviews uk
Review on extreme yowzer skateboard?

i need a new board and i was looking at this onee, im not an extreme skaterr, and i havent got alot of money to spend on a board..its fom argos..
thats the link for it.....please telll me what you thinkk!

Well if you're on a tight budget then you'd be better off getting that than a Walmart board. Also, Speed Demons are cheap too, but actually very light and durable. I currently ride a Speed Demon, and it was only $35. Of course it isn't the board ever I've ever ridden, but the quality is great for such a low price.

The link is for some Speed Demon boards you might wanna check out. Along with that if you don't have them, you'll need trucks, bearings, wheels, griptape, hardware, etc. You can find some cheap ones on ebay.
If you don't like Speed Demons, then I guess it wouldn't hurt to pick that board up.
Good Luck!

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