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Black paint. Stars. Yuck!?
We bought a house. One bedroom has black paint with thousands and thousands of tiny stars mixed contained by the strange texture paint. We're re-painting the room, but there is no way forced to stubburn eliminate those stars? We used a scraper, but as the stars fall …

Black Hearts wall?!?
Does anyone now where can I buy black heart wall? Pretty much like putting the bat on the wall. Thanks! xD

Background tiles around shower off and sour, support "adhesive" to be steeped, how can I fix it?
There is a small space at the bottom where the tile can be seen on the wall.

Branching beyond its expiration date of a 230v GFCI breaker to make 2 230 circuits?
I'm trying to connect my hot tub and an older model and requires 3 circuits. 2 circuits of 230V (20Amp and 30Amp) and a 120v (20amp). My question is can I buy 230v 50Amp GFCI switch, which split into 2 230 circuits? for me to run …

Switch box?
Installation switch box again what is the code standard height from the ground and receipts of what the wall height from the ground

Brilliant career very DIY art, how to make ink?
Yes, done at home using dried flowers as a pigment. Advice on removal of most color, what to mix with it written on paper (yes, homemade papyrus paper). Thank you. 2 hours ago – 3 days here not to respond. Additional Details ago I was 2 minutes ..

Broken verbs switch?
The switch that turns into my shower is stuck in the rotten position. If I pull the cord simply do nothing. Is this something I can do to fix it now (I have a live interview in an hour) not to replace it? I'm not too …

Bugs .. them.crickets loads PLS HELP (mark my new home)?
Hello everyone … I'm extremely disappointed. Just bought a model home .. the soul again .. not lived in it .. was a model for a year .. I love my house but I hate when I see the crickets and cockroaches in it … spray bought a $ 11 Wal-Mart – To no avail. Within hours of …

Building a cob house?
I seen a house being built cob Discovery Channel (Dirty Jobs). I think this is a fantastic belief and I have researched a little. I found lots of information on the workshops, and resources on how build a cob house, but what else …

Building a house – electric Question?
I'm seeing my house is built by a nationally known home builder. I have a few questions about the home's electrical wiring. The electrician ran a 12 / 3 to the dining room. The red is fed through a 15AMP breaker and is able to feed …

Building a lawnmower?
I build a lawn mower by myself? and How do I do? I mow my neighbors.

Building a longboard?
Im building a longboard (skateboard) and I have evrything ready … I like my wood glued and pressed, and I have already cut the general shape of the deck out. Without But its all jaggedy (all I have to work is a puzzle). How can I soften the edges of outside …

Building a house the tree?
I really want to build a nice tree house in my front yard. Although I dont really know what to work with or the amount of things that need. Does anyone have some tips on starting a treehouse? It could really help.

Building a deck?
How To seal the roof of your house if you remove a part of the roof to install a balcony? the floor of the terrace roof would now be part and IM not sure how so rancid seal does not leak into the house ….

I built a box (Box) and go to keep my personal files on it How can I have a lock on it or otherwise you cannot accses population, but plzz helpp mee

Ideas building?
Me and My Mate wants to build something (useful or not) that have wood and nails and adjectives essensials wat but just do not make us please make available some idesss:) thanxx

Building materials for a block and line pool? Need advice?
Im trying to price of some construction materials for a block and liner pool (DIY Kit), as a pool 20'x10 i I need 340 have developed building blocks (440x210mm) to construct the largest in the shell, but id like to know how you want …. lots of sand, cement and concrete i

Record grades in the wooden table?
There are marks of cigarette burns on my desk black wood. Does anyone have some tips on how to delete these? Thanks to your help is greatly appreciated

Burning through the concrete next to the termite?
How termite long will it take to burn through, for example, a foot of concrete? I intend to establish within the forms of rammed earth and brick.

Buy a generator?
I am looking for a generator. I need power conditioner window nouns, cable modem, router, Vonage and a computer laptop. That's all. How much will cost and what type should I buy?

Buying a bathroom line. nobody does this in the past?
I'm changing my home to a pressure assisted toilet that can easily control the use robust, less humid. both Home Depot / Lowe 's do not carry any in their stores, so I checked into the row and found some good, like American Standard, etc, for great prices! (like $ 65 – $ 85) as the guest is ……

Buy or build?
I have an ornate Bichir, adjectives PLEC, ropefish, peacock eel, and shark in a bullet .. 55 biliary since they are adjectives too big for this tank (obviously) Im gonna get a 100 cheek. Is it cheaper to buy or build a 100 bladder? If I build I Plexy use …

Buying Round grill grates?
I have a large reservoir. Tank is heavy plate of a compressor of the names of 80 gallons. I'm wanting to turn it into a large gas smoker vertical. I need to set up, so you can install gates in the chain of three inches for articles such as …

Cabinet Hardware?
I took all of the loops beyond its expiration date to paint my kitchen cabinets. Some time in the past 2 weeks I think my children got a hold of two of the handle and now I can not find anywhere. I LOVE these handles! I. ..

Cable endings?
hollow brass bolt with nut and threaded locking nut and captive shroud in a box junction of bad weather. Cable is shielded. How do I outside the shielded cable to the locking nut? How is the outer layer of telecommunications closed around the locking nut? The outer cable is typically use …

Calculation of PSI?
I 1.5 hp water pump near a 1-inch to 75 gpm. I can not find any PSI information of the pump and can not get a PSI meter that meets at least my current system disassembly and spending more than $ 100. Is there …

Can a 5,500-volt generator power two refrigerators standard?
I would have to use extension cords .. I also carry out some lights pluged in IIT has four grounding points. Do you think that as I have enough liquid?

Can a cuff dry cut wood saw?
We bought a house with two trees and they are very dry. I asked the previous owners when they are cut, and said a year or more ago. These trees are about 24 "diameter. Can I use a saw to cut hold down …

Can correctly aquatic planet sea a chia pet?

Can an electric circuit to be fed from 2 cuircuits? I live contained by the U.S..?
A circuit (a circuit) the powers my lights off a wall switch. I would add a timer to also control of these lights, get the power circuit B opereate timer and backup power to the lights, while being able to use the circuit breaker A. ..

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