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gested and practiced by Park, in 1781. It is the method of excision of


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paralysed and did not recover. The great vessels of

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Over fermented bread, biscuits possess several advantages. They

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The Approaching Session of the Medical Department — Means

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in the scene- of dissipation and riot, of penetrating wounds of

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vented to account for the production of animal heat ; but all

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produced without pressure. In this latter experiment, physi-

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I propose, in that work, to effect the separation of mere empiri-

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than generally supposed, leads to the formation, among other

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lent to occasion alarm. It will also be observed that the tinct. of the root

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symptoms, and that in these cases, urea was found in the blood.

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barrassment, what precise structure is represented by either,

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vulsion, it is because it is not limited, in itself or in it* effects, to

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Letter from W. R. Marsh, A. M., M. D., Professor of Chemistry Materia Medica,

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controlled. This iron foundation should be faced with gutta

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particularly if they lie near the ciliary processes, are

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C. D.. an Irishman, aged 25 years, rather small in stature, but stoutly

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Dr. Isaacs peesented several tables exhibiting the results of his investi-

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In reply to the above, let us merely observe, that the expres-

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Philip's experiment; and if it contain free electricity and

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pass through a long imaginary conversation, or an extended series of events r

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vents our going into detail in regard to this address, but it Avas a

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V., does not contain a doubtful compliment for us. We had hoped

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and says that it is characterized by an inversion of the internal

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four ounces of very fetid pus ; injected the cavity full of warm