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shows the specific gravity and percentage of sugar corresi)onding to

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the remedy is the same in both — that the salicyl compounds cure

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masses of fat are not tense and firm but flabby, doughy, non-resis-

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organized, the general health may remain tolerable, even to a late

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the results that depend upon them are at times remarkable. What is the

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weeks. It does not come on suddenly like scarlet fever or La Grippe,

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sity. When much albumin is present the coagulum will collect together

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muscular and aponeurotic rheumatism the pain is diffused over the

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mins and nuclein broken down. It is, however, probable that, even in man,

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water into the stomach. A similar effect of alkaline waters upon the

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aspect in some of the low forms of fever, as typhus.

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removal of all decavino- substances from the cellar and all the filth.

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neglect that the rectum is so frequently affected by a large number of

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wholly unprovided for, except as each professor might

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preventive treatment, and will do much good without doing harm.

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We cannot always count with certainty upon the occurrence of this

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general rules for the management of neurogenous diabetes which

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these segments or rings contains from thirty to forty thousand eggs,

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The organs of generation give evidence of participation in the

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symptoms were experienced, and HomoUe" and Howard "' have both

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cot's joint disease than in primary arthritis deformans. The de-

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local injury that results from infiltration of the joints and other tissues

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considered are fevers, falls, blows upon the head, tumors of the

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difficulty or peril, a valuable life may be sacrificed in consequence.

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and in cases in which there has been an antecedent hemiplegia fol-

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Gonorrhoea! Rheumatism. — A peculiarly distressing kind of

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while according to Flemming the deposition of fat takes place in the

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Some of the symptoms of these diseases which alcohol drinkers

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is alleged even in neurogenous diabetes. In accordance with this

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symptom is ear ache, a peculiarly severe pain . It is sometimes diffi-

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infection, is less certain in its results, very weakening, and should be