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habitual use of a mouth-wash of i drop of fluidextract o!

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adult. In Iceland they sometimes grow so large that the abdomen

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bright scarlet hue over the lower half of the belly, the ffenitals, and

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on capital pimisbments be adopted, and that the offence be consi-

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mental to life or health. A fly is a nuisance, as is a

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other preparations in the arts, wood alcohol, absorbed

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these cases, there is generally found an "infected district," which slowly

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middle of the room is a fedrly efficient means of heatii^,

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in a large dose at an early period of an intermission, and omitting it during

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admitted of its administration in larger doses without inconvenience.

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with oil-globules,^^ and that it is quite the exception to find the

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usually believed. It is a complication against which it is necessary to guard as

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of scurvy, dysentery, and cutaneous affections, is mostly ascribable. A

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impairing the health; it takes away the appetite, wastes the limited means of

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Times,' for J^y 25, 1868, is reported a case of chorea, under Dr. Brown-S^uard's

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ments he was led to conclude, is more than sufficient to overcome

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to bring the several pieces of the lip in contact without using unreasonable

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Large rubber or bone hair-pins, perfectly straight, are

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(0006 — 0*012 millemetres). These lie singly or compactly grouped,

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nary sense of the term, does not occur in one case out of thirty-sis cases of lead

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band was diyided^ and a glass mash introduced. The mash

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we are only concerned with albuminuria as a symptom of dis-

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ledge in relation to three highly important diseases, and will be considered a

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favoured. It is maintained that all the forms of primary continued fever

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the pilgrims from Mecca were bound for and returned to these

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moreover, the arrangement of the work has been altered by transposing parts of the

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the disease, and the method of treatment, which are of great importance,'

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duced by the hypertrophy of the eyelids, accompanied by a similar

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