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Now that you have made history, please do not leave the Non-violence - an open letter to the Black Church

On behalf of white evangelical Christians in all parties, I would like to express my sincere contratulations a black church for a well deserved victory. The election of Barack Obama as the first black president of the States America is a decisive moment for the world history.

I was not there in the decade of the civil rights movement, but this is what I heard. At a time in your village were considered less than human by the Americans, who chose to love their oppressors. You face the attack dogs and hoses. You refused to travel in the back seat of the bus. You broke down the walls of the separate schools with their heads held high. You sang at the mass with music? We Shall Overcome? And overcome they did.

My message to the black church is simple, but urgent. To my fellow Christians me black? Would like to say thanks and please. Thanks for winning the fight for civil rights, but please, oh please do not give up his non-violent heritage made it possible. In a world where the presence of nuclear weapons puts the human race in danger, if there ever was a time for the message of non-violence to reclaim their rightful place in American history, which the time is now? and return those? that can make it happen!

The irony is that now we have a man in command of the most powerful military in the world, the temptation is too big to forget that, unlike the American Revolution where victory was in the barrel of the gun, his victory did not come by the power of force, but by the power of right. His victory is a victory that did not come from violence, but nonviolence.

Past years I was struck by the irony to hear a speech by John McCain praising Dr. King through his life and his legacy, when, as I recall, was Dr. King who said,? The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today is my own government.? Dr. King was the most eloquent critic of U.S. foreign policy in his day and yet how often praised for bravery to face his own government?

This years I? m beaten by another irony. In a blog entry titled? The king's heart forgotten? S Dream,? Greg Boyd author notes that each year he and his wife attend the annual Dr. Martin Luther King breakfast. This year's keynote speaker was the four-star general Colin Powell. In Powell? S speech, attributed the greatness of America to the greatness of our soldiers throughout history and even today's soldiers catch up with the kings call to service. Colin Powell is perhaps one of the most honorable men ever to grace the U.S. military, and of course there are many honorable men and women serving in our armed forces today, but is not it? It is ironic that a message praising the U.S. military could be a memorial service would Dr. Martin Luther King?

All evidence of his books, speeches, essays, sermons and suggests that Dr. Martin Luther King believed that violence never achieves lasting solutions. The Dr. King taught that no redeeming love violent is the most powerful force for good in the world? especially when it comes to one? s enemies. Everyone seems to know intuitively that Dr. King changed the world for the better, But today few seem to pay much attention to how that changed the world. Since September 11 the king? S values of loving the enemy and turn the other cheek is now considered as hopelessly na? by mainstream American culture? including by many in the black church.

As a permanent member of the Pentecostal / charismatic tradition, I think the historical transition of much of the black of Pentecostalism in favor of peace for war to be nothing less than tragic. I have a hunch that the influence Christian Zionism has a lot to do with this, but regardless of reason? S time for black Pentecostals? And the black church everywhere? to claim? s heritage nonviolent.

American Christianity as we know it today is in desperate need of reform. During the first three hundred years of Christian history, Christians were thrown to the lions because he embraced the cross and the renunciation of the sword. The vast majority of U.S. Christians today have forgotten this. Who Maybe we can remind you of this? The media can mock. The world may laugh at you. But one thing you can know for sure. If you can non-violence to bring once more to the forefront of the American psyche, is a white guy from Missouri Jefferson County cheering for you every step of the road.

About the Author

Aaron D. Taylor is the founder of Great Commission Society and the author of "Alone with a Jihadist" scheduled to be released in mid 2009. Aaron can be contacted at Aaron blogs at

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