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to organisation. The Council decided to defend Dr. A.G. Bate-
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Mannlicher magazine rifle, the weapon which, partially adopted by the
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meet in some cases. On the other hand, there was evidence
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which I am attached as medical officer, wherein at the end of
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TTreatment of some Abdominal Disorders in Children.
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J. A., aged 47, was invalided after seven years on the China coast froni
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directly due to surgical operations in New York during 1891
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tion never occurs in the tube save after more or less complete
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it. The piece of tissue will usually lie amongst tissue of its
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was furnished by Mr. Thurston, and was published with a
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turia, choiuria, albuminuria, and anuria. "Professor Kobert,^
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University of Melbourne; and E. H. J. Danaher, of London
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1.30; Obstetric, Tu. F., 1.4o ; Eye. Tu. F.^S., 9 ; Ear, M. Th.,3:
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with soft flannelette. The sponge used is of a valuable kind,
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protect the rest of the hospital as far as might be by
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creation. He said " he could not without pain see an insect suffer, but he
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the library of the British Medical Association, tlie Coun-
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well supported by evidence, is that " the lessons which the
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long been admitted that anomalies exist in connection with
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merely to stretch or divide the soft structures on the inner
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enterprise of those who surround him. At one moment in the
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plantar fascia; had been divided, tarsectomy should be at
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the House concerning the restraint of smoke from dwel-
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Boulogne and Vincennes is equally impure. At the municipal
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the number of outbreaks have been reduced by more than half.
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as a mark of respect and esteem. Garmouth, 31st December,
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soon flies otr from the dressing and leaves nothing in contact
side effects of long term use of sominex
come to the firm conclusion from clinical observations that
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Medical Association held at Nottingham, July, I?P2.
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health setting forth the sanitary history and condition of the
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Parkes Museum, 74 A, Margaret Street, 3.;io p.m.— Dr. L. C
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these procedures, and have yet to meet one, other than
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The energy of the Scottish Board of Supervision is causing a
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Women and Cliildren) having alluded to the silence of
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