Old School Skateboard Tricks

Old School skateboard tricks
old school skateboard tricks
Am I on track to become a good skater

and that of skate i want to know if I'm good for the amount of time I've been skating can and 3-4 months iv been skating im skating almost cover. Silver trucks. Bones Swiss bearings hives super rubbery. my trick is ollie nose manual manual - Manual (normal and nose), Ollie (I can almost) lack vairel nollie kick flip back (almost) heal flip ollie 6 or more of the stairs (I can do a lot from old school move) drop falling from 50 to 50 in my 50-50 grind trick 5-0 (almost) board slide

I'm not a skater in my car, but my friend and passes it a day and 3.4 hours of skating you can land about 3 times more tricks you can. Some good tips I do not think the pressure is flipped and Tray flips lol IDK what its called play basketball ia order to keep skating practice makes perfect hope you sponsored

Cool Old School Skateboarding Tricks Part 1

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