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somewhat chagrined, the next day, when the lady sent him a trousers button, with
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mesenteric glands, the liver, the kidneys, the lungs, and the spleen, from
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and here rest' our major .proposition as to the relative sizes of the
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"When the tumours are attended with much pain, and a consi-
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to which he has given the name of " pince cystitome." The
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Prof. Babes, however, admits that to Behring belongs the credit of applying
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as might attend an accideut, or apoplectic effusion ; and much has been
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cal, and physico-chemical doctrines, were all erected on the pre-
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longed severe illness, but has suffered a number of at-
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ance of an eruption, after whi^h, if the turn is favorable, the skin becomes
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But that this case was an evident exception to this rule
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ever and wherever it has asserted the force and activity of
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medical men as to the importance and widespread nature of scurvy, and
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The state of the temperature is no less important an indication of the
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in the spring of the latter year it began to appear in the southern prov-
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one hour, and found that the fluid around the anode agglutinated
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tion with the "Journal" ceased with that issue. It is known
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The first attack of ha^moglobinuria occurred in March, 1912. Attacks were
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had put the binder on, and she got up without trouble. On this
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the laws of God and man; to forget the endearments of home,
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and variety of the disease is attended with more or less pressure
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book, there is much to give pleasure to the reader. To those
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u. Gyn. Bd. iv. — 46. Idem. Verhandl. der Deutsch. Ges. filr Gyn., Viertcr Congress,
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plete fitness for social life, the pressure of population must
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healthy child, is probably the most efficient, least disturbing, and most
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be noticed, are more nearly allied in some instances to each
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usually sharply flexed on the body. The recurved portion
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which I prize highly — namely, self-respect. I am quite unwill-
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evolution of the disease, and our examinations of the
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to render it inadmissible that it had on it the letters "R" and
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essential parts are written in bold type; the unusual, for minor subjects and for
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four high walls and without a roof, if crowded, speedily becomes oppres-
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period, the germs being at first outside the egg-cases and only subsequently