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body, during the attack, was placed in the different un-
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rotic family idiocy, although in the latter, where I
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The abdomen consists of eight segments; each segment consists
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in three cases of this peculiar state of the organism which Dr.
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on the diagnosis (i) If it be doubtful, an exploratory
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pressure; on older children, roughened areas; tongue clears and
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Si.\ty-two of the women had also completed a century of life or more;
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troubled by vomiting, which was finally relieved by
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the OS femoris of each limb. West. J. M. & Pliys. ."^c, Cin-
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cholecystitis, acute pancreatitis, acute intestinal obstruction
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nerves, to which I referred in a former letter, and by
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They may be so slight as to exhibit little save the premonitory symptoms
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the Thomsonian system into the knowledge of every family that may
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low matter from the womb and passage thereto, attended likewise
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having heard a voice one day on the pit of the stomach while she was in
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simp'es. Cellule, Lierre & l.ouvain. 1897, xiii. 287-312.—
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My friend Mr. Baker, F.R.CS.L, saw the patient about six
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ons papers], 8°, [n. p., 1873], 3. — Joerss (K.) Ein Fall
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menia.^ Presumably also, in Cases 1, 9, 14, and 15, rheumatism
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Sewage Disposal by Dilution. — The readiest method of sewage dis-
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Imbecility, Defectives, and Delinquents. — Davenport believes that
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cases there was also a considerable maternal mortality.
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anaesthesia of the face, inasmuch as both facial centres were destroyed.
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spaces, and gradually involving the successive laminte of bone which
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though in the case of Christian T. tubercle bacilli were
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In regard to localization in the cervical region it
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serums, dilutions of even 1 in 10 or 20 in heterologous bloods sel-
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venous capillaries, in which it excites obstruction,
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are distributed is deprived of much, or all, of its nutrient blood ;
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There is yet another point to be considered, and that is the
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ivhen the body is interred in a close coffin : and when the latter is formed of
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Case I. — R. W., American, white, thirty-six years of age, single,
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germicidal powers, and is not as poisonous to man as quinin.
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