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aid of heat, so as to avoid any possible distortion from overheating,

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with diet and heliotherapy, the pericardial sac refilled.

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great midwife work done by the Obstetrical Society of London

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pages, sufficient proof that they are of more than ephemeral value.

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— at all events, the Council have done so. 'I'o whatever extent

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the thigh into the peroneal region. It was sharp and pricking

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there are many things in the pharmacopoeias that have no better

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the eyeball, prominent by hereditary predisposition, is completely crowded

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swallowed two drachms of tartar emetic by mistake for Epsom salts, and re-

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Pittsburg (Pa.) Academy of Medicine. — At a meet-

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when associated with present or preceding symptoms of embolism in

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by oesophageal peristalsis, and little voluntary effort, other

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Dr. Joseph Wigglesworth, in an article on the *' Pathol-

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service at ports ot entry ("quarantine"), isolation of

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especially of the surface ve.ssels of the child, during parturition. 80

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1875.] ScANZONi, Diseases of the Female Sexual Organs. 465

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faces of the arms and legs, is the seat of numerous pin-head

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complaint. In the incurable tic douloureux the objection does not apply ;

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exciting to ulceration, may arise from an external cause, as the

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attained. The symptoms occasioned by the retroflexion (sacral pain, etc.) grad-

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investigations on this particular point have led him to believe that an anti-

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Inasmuch as good results are obtained from a;-ray treatment, we meet

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during their curriculum, the attraction of the University

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tions acting on the central nervous system or by the