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40, or carbolic lotion). Otherwise the discharges form a cake

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John Graham, will also be a feature undertaking in the Child Development

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to enucleation, owing to the danger of meningitis, and he

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the lesion. 'I'his unbroken involvement of the upper

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often accompany the above symptoms, however; and indeed they

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The micro-organisms, which are usually found in this

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symptoms. It will be the means of saving many a kidney, and the

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4. — Turner discusses the diphtheria mortality of the

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Boston publications. Massachusetts, however, is a rather

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mottled discoloration extending to the shoulder. The

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Onset and Duration. — Typhoid bacilluria is rarely present

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that lis. per insured person per annum for medical attendance

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low socioeconomic status, and those in blue collar jobs.

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chancre. That chancre is occasionally an effect of gonorrhaea,

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o])idermic masses) present invariably an intense deep-red coloration."

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in life. If one lobe is alone affected the urethra will be twisted ;

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The fundamental results of the impetus given by the study of the

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which tests seem to indicate clearly tliat there has been

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of bowels, etc., and careful asepticising of the skin ; (2) arrest

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minds as to the condition present. We often form the

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pearance of an urticarial wheal, within a few minutes. Strickler and

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not nearly so powerful or persistent as that of atropine on

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left hand in the vagina. The injections may be made by

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the first place, the mare's reckoning should be most punc-

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.lolm i:. (ook.-r. ■.•!1- MrMi, .1. Slnilurt. ■;! l-

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puce ; there is no corpus sj)ongiosum. Tiie penis is

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pharmacy. Among these druggists, most of whom were in Rochester, there were

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to this time, 84 cases have been reported, 43 are still