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drinks to such an extent that in three days, including
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the text indicated in parentheses, i.e. (Table 1), (Figure 10).
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In the case of open springs it seems indeed almost unavoidable that
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During the differential count one megaloblast and three normoblasts were
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graph on chronic ulcer of the stomach, its cicatrization,
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a local manifestation of a general condition ; was it
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patient expressed it, in the large patch on the left side of the
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in order to make it clear to you that this mortality rate
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and that little generally vague and unsatisfactory. Dr. P. brought it forward
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mouth is reached, or the eyelid invaded, the ulceration has
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Rey-nolds, Captain Frederick P., assistant surgeon, granted leave
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The next two days slight remains of pain in the bowels were ex-
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vided with a jiroper supply of medicines, surgical appliances and
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gia, together with iron. Three months after, she came
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of nitrate of potash in a few hours, to arrest a terrible hsemorrhage,
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After a time the chills cease and the fever assumes the hectic type. Chronic
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fever patients, collected by Dr. Murchison, demonstrate these
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of these lists as a guide to the contents and character of the
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or other stimulant over liver. Thickened ox bile, in bo-
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after her admission to the hospital, and less than two
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according to the rules laid down by the Surgeon General and approved
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first called to the patient, but this rent was not only not large enough
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with impunity throughout the winter, by simply covering
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above the errors of the past, and blind acceptance of
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The amount of urine daily excreted by healthy horses varies,
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pled by bad political influences. It is an open secret
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foregoing characters serve to distinguish chylous effusion — transudates —
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who drop in once in two or three years. We have not the Soci-
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been exposed all day to an ice-cold rain. Another patient was taken ill
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ance, the spots in question not being distinguishable from any
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I have observed nothing worthy of noting respecting the state of
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nature and causation of these fevers. This inveetig&tion
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phenomena which attend this curious change prove, that when a con-
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use of a sharp instrument to clean the nails, they are separated