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the cartilaginous sac, the patient no doubt would have reco-
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from the esophagus until it is moderately taut. The thread is
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occasionally cirrhosis was encountered in rabbits in which coccidia
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ment. They regard the process as one of tissue breakdown which leads to
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weighing from 10 to 37 oz., 151 cases of rupture of the spleen were officially
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Warden, C. C. (5). The function of fats in immune processes. II. Pneamo-
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removal of one and one-half lobes has not been followed by hyper-
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Bianchetti, C. P. Considerazione sopra un caso di ernia inguinale interna
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arthropathy affects the ribs and costal cartilages almost exclusively, and only
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bacilli and elastic tissue on seven observations. The von Pirquet test
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Grimbert. Urobilin and Urobilinogen, Jour, de Pharm. et Chem., 1911, ser. 7,
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Clinical conditions in which it is found. It is a prime neurological
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Rotterdam, respectively. Oehlecker's patient was a woman, aged 55, who
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Debre, B». L'endocardite maligne a evolution lente. Bev. de med., 1919, 36,
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has been subjected to prolonged boiling loses its positive reaction.
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to employ the term ' variants ' to the atypical varieties of bacteria. In
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liability of the malarial spleen to rupture is shown by the fact that during
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The arbitrary rule of twenty-one days in bed and twenty-one
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since then, in conjunction with a review of the earlier cases, leads
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could be considered as similar to, if not identical with, Metchnikoff's
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and carelessness of their mothers combined with the confined
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week (lovelopinK u severe febrile reaction, without revealing some signs of
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thoroughly investigated, syphilis was certain in 32 per cent, and doubtful
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large, sharply outlined areas of complete necrosis through which one
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pura,^ embolic aneurysms, and tender cutaneous nodules; this
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the sole of the foot evokes withdrawal of the lower limb, the movement
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the total anaerobic work done is increased, although the tension (in Kg.)
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to the part. There is no cardiac or renal disease. There is considerable
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bad, Marienbad, Ems, &c. By Dr F. Kreysig, of Dresden. Translated from the