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food, was inclined to lie in bed, and threatened to commit suicide. He
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merchant's fortune. They must love knowledge for her own sake, and
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tions, and Zoology ; Anatomy and Physiolog>' ; Practical Anatomy ; Ma-
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rates of postage and conditions of transmission of newspapers, the
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he made frequent but unavailing attempts to pass the smallest catheter
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sixlhs lose the central impetus on coming into contact with real misery
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life, administered at once thirty grains hydrate of chloral in solution,
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begat only personal enmity and personal annoyance. It was clear that
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six inches long by twenty-two wide, with a pedicle of the thickness of
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woman McGregor was a nuree, gave her a severe reprimand, observing
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a large and deep ulcer has been formed in it either spontaneously or as
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the various subjects laid down in the curriculum of study, he might, with
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that many supposed fibroid tumours of the ovary had turned out on ex-
buy imuran 50 mg tablets side effects been well shown by experiments with the organic nitrites. "These
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and appropriate treatment by tonics and diet, the progress of the dis-
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ments which northern and central Africa present. North of the belt
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pass the best Examinations on the Medical and the Surgical Cases
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oral and written. Candidates, whose answering shall be found insuffi-
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finger to pass ; the segments of the valve were agglutinated, and the
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ferred to the next report. By the adoption of a' process of cleansing
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logy which it suggests, have done not a little to nurse an inchoate belief
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mouth and nose, and that these when once used should be burnt. The
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General considers this acid treatment suitable for infants; but the gene-
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short for him to gain more than a hasty shallow knowledge of disease
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ledge of the subject of food. This subject is, however, such a very im-
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it desirable to take in returning to Berners Street, we anticipate an
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was able to offer the opinion that tobacco was "a sweetener and equaliser
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Dr. Ransome replied that the cost would be very slight, compared
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fund in aid of the sick and wounded in the Franco-Prussian war. On
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M.\LMESBURY, Wilts— Certifying Factory Surgeon for District of.
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of attendance on the I'ractice of a recognised Hospital during that lime,
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division of income cannot be any obstruction, for the receipts of each
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powder exploded, and the crowbar (four feet long and two and a half
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pedicle, having been roughly trimmed, is perforated by a needle, armed
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a subdivision of the present districts ; and that in this way only, in large
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The new ophthalmic wards at this Hospital are now verging on com-
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