How To Pop Shuvit

Here we are going to find out how to shuvit and how to pop shuvit on a skateboard. This one has a few versions to its spelling, (pop shuvit, pop shove-it, pop shove it,) but its all the same. A shuvit is when a you “shove” the tail of your board in reverse behind you into a 180 spin like a heli blade, and then landing it. This can be carried out with out ollieing, but when you ollie first and then do the shuvit in the air, it's known as a pop shuvit. The pop shuvit is a tad tougher and cooler looking than a common shuvit, and as pop tricks achieve a lot more popularity these days, people today rarely do basic shuvits when they have mastered the pop shuvit, at least not on purpose.

 To do a pop shuvit, put your front foot in which you would for an ollie. Your back foot is slightly trickier. Arrange it on the tail, also simply as you would with a regular ollie, except if you plan to kick the board behind yorself (the less difficult way to try first, I think a lot would agree) then  put your back foot nearer to the toeside of the skateboard, to make it less complicated to kick it behind you. If you wish to try to kick kit forward, do just the opposite. Have your foot a lot more in the direction of the heelside, hanging off the skateboard a little, for better position to kick it forward. Then ollie. Once in the air, kick the tail of the board either forward or in reverse, sending the board into a helicopter-like spin.

Watch your skateboard under you as it spins, and when it has made that 180 degree spin, “capture” it with your feet by stomping the skateboard down, both feet on both trucks, bending your knees to soak up shock, and ride away clean.

You may desire to try to simply do a plain shuvit just before advancing to the pop shuvit, but in my opinion, a pop shuvit is no harder, really. You can additionally try the trick on grass or carpet first just before trying it on the slippery concrete  first, if that helps make it easier. Now that you know how to pop shuvit 180 backward style, try a 360 one. Try kicking it forward rather of backward too. Have fun!


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