How To Heelflip

Now we can clarify how to heelflip on a skateboard. The simplest way to illustrate a heelflip would be merely to say that a heelflip is a skatboard trick, just like a kickflip only that the skateboard spins the other way. Each kickflips and heelflips are when a skateboarder ollies and then spins the board in the air in a drill-like motion, and then lands it. A kickflip is when the board is spun behind yourself by flicking the board with your toe. In a heelflip the skateboard is pushed forward with the heel.

 So yes, the heelflip is like the kickflip’s evil twin. Fundamentally a similar trick, but simply a tiny bit different, and a little bit harder. Since the heelflip is considered by most to be far more hard than kickflips, I do not propose bothering on your own with heelflips till you have mastered your kickflips. But if you currently have…

 Your foot placement for a heelflip is as follows: Your back foot could be on the tail about the same as it would be for an ollie, and the front foot additionally about the equivalent to ollie placement, only with your toes hanging off of the board a tad. This puts your foot in a far better position for the flipping movement.

 With your feet appropriately positioned, ollie into the air. Once in the air, kick the board forward with your front heel. This needs to send the board into its rotating motion. Immediately lift both legs up and out of the way to enable the skateboard to spin.

 View your board under you and the moment as you see Grip Tape once more (the skateboard has completed one full turn), “capture” the board with your feet and stomp the skateboard down, both feet  on both trucks and troll away. Don’t overlook to bend your knees to soak up the shock.

 An additional strange matter I’ve personally come across is that it looks like when executing heelflips the skateboard always stops  behind you when you land. If you also come across this to be the case, make it a point~ to kind of “leap in reverse” when in the air so that you wind up on the skateboard behind you when it’s all done. Now you know how to heelflip. Now go out and try!





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