half bike half skateboard

half bike half skateboard
Eating disorders...Please help..?

He's 16, 5'9 and only weighs 115 lbs, plus he grows like an inch a month!
And every month he loses more and more, aside from the fact he keeps growing taller.
He always counts calories, never more than 800 a day, but he excersizes WAY to much.
Try half an hour of skating, 20 mins of biking, and he's always skateboarding!
He's really self-obsessed with his weight, does he have an eating disorder?

Aside from that, I think he's also made himself puke a couple times.

I think it might just be because he's into the whole scene/emo fad, like most of us are, where I live, but I think he's taking it really far, Plus he was always called fat and ugly when he was younger, even though most of the times it was by his friends just joking with him.
Does he have anorexia, bulimia, or something like that..?

It has all the characteristic of an eating disorder. Sound more like anorexia which includes false self image, counting calories and excersizing way to much.
I believe he should be taken to a doctor, nutricionist, psichiatrist or anyone who could help him.
I went through that, and if it was not for the psychological help I got I would have died.
There's no other way to take him out. for what you're saying I believe he should be suffering from side effects or he will pretty soon.
He may get anemia among many other problems he may develope. I have no idea how can he excersize that much without getting dizzy or anything.
You should try talking to his parents, adults should be told as soon as possible.

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