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is affected first the infection is more likely to be urogenous, although it is
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form. One injection of nitrate of silver has been very efficient in
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into the pancreatic duct. They have been found in the peritoneal cavity
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obtained after an illness lasting for from five to seven weeks to seven
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often cause the development, from the submaxillary glands, of
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which has assisted materially in placing medicine among the
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in effective work. Comparatively few fail in making their
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his friends. The facts should be fully and fairly placed before them, and
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Syphilis in Dentistry.— By L. Blake Baldwin, M.D., Professor of
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was affecting his work. The faculty member suggested
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bath, 90° F. to 68'' F., reduced his temperature to 101° F.
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2. s. X. 114-116. Also: Rev. de nifed. 16g., Par., 1898 v.
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to all the disadvantages to which rupture is generally attributed,
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gral part of the rhinoscopic picture, and can always be rec-
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less there is matter in it worthy of the attention of all physi-
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this preference to be given to dryness with a cool temperature.
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Other diagnostic points are the recurrence of pain in paroxysms or marked
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from numerous cases seen for a while, and only for a while, at
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were not employed between the years of 1886-1890 in-
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whether free or slaves. "Whatsoever in my practice or not in my
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mucus that it may have taken in during the birth, and then, if it
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An intelligent correspondent of the Tribune challenges the proof
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by operation, or if the suspected cancer was shown not
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and altruist, both individualist and collectivist, or more
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The Peesident (Dr. Amand Eouth) said that the researches of Professor
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syncope, the labour pains had gone, but in two or three hours they return-
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the surface of, coupling up with those adjacent, and finally, forming
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essentially the same kind of product within the air-cells, as in cases of
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seldom observed this complication, and when it existed,
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two interesting analogies. First, oval cells arevery frequent in most severe
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in cases of acidosis is readily explained. It is even probable that the in-
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Journal of Medicine,' March 1845, p. 265.) The only circumstance with