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Skateboarding World Records

In skateboarding world, there are many world records over the years. As you learn about them you will be amazed at some of the accomplishments that have been made. Some of them are quite entertaining too. For example in 2005 three young boys were credited with creating the world’s longest skateboard. It was just over 30 feet in length and almost 10 inches wide. It took all three of them to ride it in order to control it due to the overall length.

How far is one able to be ridden in the course of a 24 hour period? The record was set in 2008 by Ted McDonald. He was likely extremely tired after he was done as he covered 242 miles in that one day span of time. The fastest individual clocked on a skateboard comes in at 63 miles per hour. There are some reports that this same individual has done it at 73 miles per hour but such reports are unconfirmed.

Another young man that amazed many by not becoming dizzy in 2000 is Richie Carrasco. He completed 142 360 degree spins without stopping. So far no one has come close to beating his record. The well known professional Tony Hawk is famous for many things including the 900 he created. He was the first to successfully spin a skateboard 900 degrees. He holds the record for doing it 2 ½ times as that is extremely difficult. It is believed that many professional skateboarders have a goal of beating this record.

Danny Way is recorded as the first person in history to successfully jump over The Great Wall on a skateboard. This particular individual holds quite a few records when it comes to skateboarding. Another one worth mentioning is that he is known for the greatest distance with a jump at 70 feet.

The Ollie is one of the most popular skateboarding tricks which many people can perform, how many can you do in a row? That record is held by Rob Dyrdek since 2007 with a total of 46 of them in a row. They record for the highest Ollie is 44.5 inches, but rumor has it that many individuals on videos around the internet have done it successfully at 50 inches. The problem though is that there are certain types of criteria that have to be met in order to make such claims credible.

You can watch many of these skateboarding world records online as there are plenty of great videos out there. Should you feel you can beat such records, you can also find the information online about how you do so. There are strict guidelines that have to be followed in order for your event to be recorded and to be considered factual. Many of these records have been in place for a very long time. While it will be a challenge to beat them it can be done.

There is certainly plenty to be proud of in the world of skateboarding. You can see how far many of these individuals have pushed the bar when you take these world records into consideration. Their goal has been to achieve more in the sport that others as well as to satisfy their own desires relating to skateboarding. If you set your own sights high enough, you may one day find yourself among the listings of skateboarding world records.

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There is one type of skateboard called Old School skateboards which were popular during the 1980s. This type of skateboards has a small nose and big tail which is usually in square shape. In order to improve the skateboarder’s ability to perform the tricks, the noses started to grow larger, the decks and the trucks became narrower and wheels became smaller.


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