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may cause loss of ammonium sulfate by volatilization.
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the Nesslerized solution represents a 2,500-fold dilution
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intervals, to a certain height, are suddenly discharged into the pipe, thus creating a
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If the urine is protein-free, 2 ml of the 4 N HC1 is
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even large doses: some animals are susceptible or predisposed, others
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the larynx of silver tubes or hard rubber, as a prophylactic
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infection may have been averted, but the patient has still to be carefully watched
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destroyed, and no definite line of demarcation can be made out between it
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tain organisms where the presence of others is a handi-
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plasma, also leaves the vessels. There is a normal process of lymph trans-
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From 140 to 160 mg of purest reagent-grade potassium iodate is
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and, as far as the liver is concerned, instead of being restricted to the periphery of the lobule,
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but if more than one organism is found, then the term specific is no longer applic-