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cation of leeches or caustic to the os uteri, the malady is almost always

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side of the human body, and persons staying near its locality are in

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But out of twenty-nine cases collected by Guttmann and Eulenburg

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in some women during the period of menstruation, would seem to de-

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rules that we might lay down for the treatment of gout, from the

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my experience, Russian vapor-baths do less good in chronic rheuma-

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who is not satisfied with its efficacy as a therapeutic measure,

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trichinosis; at least children recover from trichina poisoning, from

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which contract strongly and exude a quantity of serum, after being

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mixture, and, in one or two minutes, the red corpuscles have

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the brain contained a " slight amount of blood," while all others were

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cular exertion, the beat of the heart is accelerated, the pulse is small

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again. In only one case has any general or local discomfort

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restless and capricious, constantly toss about in bed ; readily fright-

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once the peculiar mode of life of the inhabitants ; on the Weichsel to

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suffering from its effects would be very large. I will only call to mind

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cial tissue. It is only in the latter cases that evident traces of the

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whether he might try that first. In order that these injections may be

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of a sudden nature may simulate appendicitis, and unless great

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fear of increasing the fever by administering alcoholic liquors is un-

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served in neuralgia of that branch, particularly on remission of the

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globus minor, the left lobe of the prostate was replaced by

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brain take place in the pia mater, and that the vessels passing thence

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We have detected a spread of physical signs on five

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which would normally be rendered inert by the activity of the

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on the nerve-trunk, induce the neuralgia are partly known, partly un-

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Edmunds, Arthur : Causes and varieties of urethral stricture - - 35

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on spermatorrhoea due to relaxation and dilatation of the ducts of the

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catarrh of the vagina is ( one of the most common of female diseases.

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ally long for the commencement of vomiting, and even try to excite

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while the inflammation continues, warm poultices must be applied ;

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the morbid irritability of the motor nerves is not continuous, but mere-

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wardly or into neighboring cavities, especially into the cavity of the

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Magdeburg who, for at least ten years, lost a considerable quantity of

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observed with the cystoscope, whether the cystitis was actually

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eral paralysis is induced, directly or indirectly, by the excessive fever ;

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this form of vesical palsy is the severe stretching of the vesical mus-

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The commencement of reaction is not accompanied by any elevation of

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nose, and who, alarmed at a recurrence of the swelling and

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the tonic contractions extend to the muscles of the back and belly,

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etc. According to my experience, acute croupous nephritis, with the

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