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periosteum are examined from time to time the regenerative

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of therapeutic drugs in plasma and attempt to link plasma concentration to

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celerity the movements of the playful Puck, " who could put a girdle

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the appendix. At times they contain some foreign body, such as a

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of those which, situated in the vagina or uterus, are exalted at the

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skin, but should then be cautiously and guardedly forced for-

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Malta. — Outbreak of cholera on British troop-ship

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save the foot. There is no doubt that a useful limb

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symptoms, particularly of the fever, rendered their

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and brandy) may be freely given, and champagne be used to allay

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Although, in the disease which I have designated by the term

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is employed, while, when a denutritive effect is desired, a» in

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gotin, and an attempt made to prevent the new growth of the parasite

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as might naturally be expected. In these cases there

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Fei Topyrins. Wien. med. Pres.<!e, 1895, xxxvi, 248-250.

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utilized in order to differentiate allied organisms. In the study

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'Ci/dopcedla of the Practice of Medicine. — Edited by Dr. H.

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Imbecility, Defectives, and Delinquents. — Davenport believes that

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xviii, 446 - 451. — lYIarfan. La fievre typhoide chez

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those properties, which belong to living beings, are attributed

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and bed-sores may form veiy rapidly about the buttocks or on the sacrum.

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— Dr. Woltering relates the following case in the Allge-

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come that in some cases the diagnosis of the first disease,

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Mr. Ball, in reply, said the muscles in his case reacted to the

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at issue, and from a distance, as it were, obsei'ving the progress

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functions are correspondingly impaired. Calcareous changes occur in

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to the healthy, in order to afford protection, — or, in other

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93; 248, 1 pi.— Crawford (F. J.) Two cases of filarial

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of the cathode rays into still smaller particles of the

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is not much greater than it would be by a different arrangement. The

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