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three deaths — one was due to premature detachment of

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gums and conjunctivae were also very pale. The face and shape of the

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they sometimes did harm. In the case of the cold-water

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nerves in the sheath were accompanied by varicose veins, and were cov-

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prepared, as in the two preceeding operations. Next morning,

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temptation to boys to take up Natural Philosophy in

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their professional duties, unless that is required by the law of the

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Tcl. De la part que prennent les muscles de I'oeil aux

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or less swelling or degeneration of the segments. From these a

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less than xAtt^^ ^^ ^ second (von Bezold) comparatively weak, but

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Walter L. Bdkraoe, M.D. For the Massachusetts Medical Society

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public halls; of schools, churches, lecture rooms and manufactories.

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cially is this the case among girls. From a hygienic standpoint,

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I still feel that many observations might have been made in

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Henry the Second, King of France, expressed his gratitude

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slightly above room temperature (top of imbedding oven)

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activity of a cell leads to exhaustion of its potential energy.

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Bronchitis, — Chronic bronchial catarrh sometimes

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In 10 out of 17 other cases studied at post-mortem, menin-

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A small puncture at the centre of the prepired area, and the first few

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8 A.M. Her temperature ranged from 1*7' to lUl' ; her

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axiom in physiology that proper use of a part develops and

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This lady did recover, and lived for sixteen years. When she got

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antipyrine, Russian or Turkish baths, and quinine for its gen-

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skin, but should then be cautiously and guardedly forced for-

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to a local reflex, occasionally as a result of direct stimulation of the

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died. He was nursed by his mother who later developed the same symp-

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papers of Benedikt down to those of Eulenburg and Guttmann

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saline purgatives. The subject should be carefully protected from

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