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exist for years without anaesthesia and ataxia showing themselves,
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similar release. This preparation can only be prevented by long-con-
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then all was well. Unfortunately this feeling was not
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Usage in Pregnancy: Use of minor tranquilizers during the first trimester
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tion existing independently or as a part of chronic organic diseases, and
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(7) As a general rule, the incidence of albuminuria is greater in young soldiers
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monia, or in some cases an aspiration-pneumonia ^Schluck pneumome"
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Frequently, a patient who requests such a radiologic
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Shook, First Lieutenant J. R., will report to the commanding oflUcer
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pological, and the functions of which are the objective point of physio-
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easily managed. When the end of the appendix enters an
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tients from the division level; planes and trains transporting
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tissue in the course of the lymphatic vessels takes on an overgrowth.
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chromatin sometimes occurring in threads) surrounded by a halo of
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influence on the cardiac muscle " (Wood), I presume through the
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to the impressions made by hospital life upon some of the patients, and both of
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and homesickness, undreamed of tenacity, and, withal, an optimistic tem-
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Fisher will read a a paper on Delusion, of a Week's Duration, induced by Heat-Stroke.
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describe cases of rheumatic fever in which permanent arthritic changes appear
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Charles should be suspected of villany. He especially excelled
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tant branch of exact science. This will also illustrate how slow
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condition to indicate approaching degenerative change ?
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think it is worth referring to the operation in this Keport.
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16. Yancik R, Ries LG, Yates JW: Breast cancer in aging women:
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In a number of cases the abscess is not absorbed Imt invades
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their beginnings. But there is a vast field yet under inves-
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Saturated, sp. gr. .875, containing 32.3 per cent, of gas.
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Stem erect, square, from one to three feet in hight, much
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constitutional effects were: (i) Marked lowering of
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