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sion, irritability of temper, tremors, and muscular weakness. Malnu-

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primary; 7b (6%) in the skin. Biopsy of the cervical lump

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gical operation instituted for the relief of the patient, and not from the

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through the intermediary of a protoplasmic process.

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of a series of air-sacs situated at the extremity of

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local health authorities shall be notified of all cases or

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paramount obligation, urges me to make this communication. In the

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basis for nomenclature." The term is certainly prefer-

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the knees of this patient, a woman 40 years of age.

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troduction of such diseases by means of wearing apparel,

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Figs. 80 to 84. Young parasites attached to peripheral corpuscular mounds

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"reconstruction and closure of the sheath of the cord."

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5. Prevention of Tuberculosis in Everyday Life. Alfred

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* Calculated from available data in published papers

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rows in the central substance. There were symptoms of in-

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It is to be remembered that when an artery is wounded, compression

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November loth. — ^The splint was cut open its whole

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later, that in a number of the 13 cases which recovered after operation,

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bath and thereafter doubt the beneficial effects of cold water.

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ing to its terms and no such physician or osteopath shall

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need detain us but a very short time. Its earliest period

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Dr. Charles Zierdt has defined and described a transitional form of

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NivEN— Halson.— On January 17, at All Saints' Church, Upper Norwood,

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time the following remarks :— ' Cases of this kind are very difficult to deter-

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the pursuit the individual follows. We find in city practice many

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Diagnosis and prognosis, — In the cerebral anaemia

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destine use of principles which have been known and practised

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Society's examinations, 7,465 elected to be put on the Roll of