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the warts to a depth of about three millimetres below the sur-

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Even such preparations are at their best when first sent out, as the

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in the Journal was then presented. The Council found

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setting at defiance the fires of Romanism and of Calvinism with

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these cases. Instead, simply the blood and urine findings will be stated

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or rather, pepsinogen. This would tend to show that in

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might be disinfected. He thought that the Guardians did not

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this direction by Pasteur in the results obtained through

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of age, who are affected neither by tuberculosis nor syph-

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sensation was caused by an operation, which was success-

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given below it was detected on the second day. The delirium also comes

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we should not see an innumerable series of colours. But this is

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child of his parents, and was born at full time, labour being

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the electrical reaction of the muscles suspected of disease

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I have examined, I have entirely failed to satisfy myself that

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disinfected house, no matter how many cases had occurred there.

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cannot be classed among the steatogenetic poisons. As nearly every

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variety of the disease called pernicious, tnalignant, and congestive. Of tliese

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necting the anterior corpora quadrigemina with the nuclei of the third

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as scrofulous, another as neryous, and so on ; just as we

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against such outdoor work as patients may be able to do.

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(c) the fibres from the right half-vision centre to this same word-centre.

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and she got sufficiently well to be sent to the country. She came

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and a lialf above the eyebrow, extending laterally to the

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of the United States steamer Alabama, which came into this

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great deal of pain and tenderness of varying intensity in the

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afraid, metaphysical to say that the irritation took a different

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offered less resistance to the germs of the disease ; nor can we exclude

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in the erect position, with the usual blunt end to the lower pole

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lake-dwellings those are to wliich he alludes. We presume