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For Terms, S-c, apply to Mrs. BENNETT, Widow of the late Proprietor,

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a certain influence to the seasons by stating that the majority of

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well worth our while to stop and consider it. You will hear it said

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position of the man ; wine in full quantity ; beef-tea and chicken-

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gentlemen whom he now in his triumph too rancorously

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Conical stump and exfoliation of the end of the bone, as dependent

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the patient might have sunk from the length of the operation ; secondly, he

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and will often (notwithstanding careful treatment) persist for many years.

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The etiology of the valve lesion and the cause of the embolism

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colouring matter in the cutis. There remain circinate areas and

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various apparatus, and especially the pumps employed for

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door occupation which does not entail too much exposure to inclement

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ated outside of the room, the gas being introduced through the

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Malmcsbury Vuivn.—John Bctts, M.E.C.S. Eng., L.8.A., to the Fourthr

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kidney — which may result from stimulating its nerves, the ad-

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ble substances, all which served to increase the in-

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■ ■ •. in that they show so high a titer \<<y paratyphoid l'.. though both

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was erected in accordance with his own carefully pre-

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of scientific research. Birley, Dreyer, Haldane, Flack, Douglas, and

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paper on this subject. He deplored the multiplication

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of the wounded men. Interpretation of the skiagrams of

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testes, submaxillary, parotid). Boils on the arms and face.

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many more — and ascertain the cause of their suf-

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these methods, and, though they cannot always give exact num-

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the little toe, according to Creighton Wellman" (1914),

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in his Scientific Annual for 1860, notices the diseases which may be at-

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complete, is sufficient to serve as a basis of effective treatment, and has

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Twenty-nine thirtieths of all cases of pneumonia do pass on

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alternate their rest cure and breathing-exercises with graduated

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complete prostration which obliges men regard the users of narcotic drugs as