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disturbances are best treated by nitro-muriatic acid, twenty drops in a
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certain foods. They take a laxative and get better.
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and are capable of giving diphtheria to others. Clinical
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the fever without the catarrh. Severe nervous depression,
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epidemic diseases characterized by local affections, and, also, to not a few
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ptoms are totally different from those attributed to paludal
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ventilation and the lamp burning, the whole crowd would probably have a
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ships fall vacant elect one another to them, and draw
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acid in reaction, non-albuminous, and of a specific gravity of 1.005-1.015.
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food, overcrowding, and foul air predispose to epidemics.
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caused the cessation, its chief cause is probably the repression of the
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of chronic cardiac diseases, may be employed in the anaemic or hydrsemic
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Lacke, Clement L.., 4924 Whitcomb Drive, Apt. 15, Madison
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think that secondary gastritis is the cause of the reduction
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four inches below the margin of the ribs, and upon its convex
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of the most important is this power of regenerating
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badly infected cases. Briefly it consists in taking a
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Medicine, and Chief, Medical Service, Veterans Adminis-
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35 histories published by A. Plehn, it is expressly remarked in 13
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concludes that their micro-organism is identical with the
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are accused of giving I'ise to a progressive myelitis or meningitis,
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Preparation of Cabinet and Patient. — -The first depends
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sues should occur without concomitant alteration in their
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