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abdomen during an attack of tympanites was extraordinary. The convolu-

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useless to employ time in speculating upon its probable result.

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distant from the train a third of a mile. This spout delivered the

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Such well-compensated hearts frequently hold out and do their

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cal, and physico-chemical doctrines, were all erected on the pre-

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Hyperkalemia Elevated serum potassium (> 57 mEq/L) was observed in approximately 1% of hypertensive patients in

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two negative. Out of 1,747 cases of diphtheria reported upon

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of the subject, and are, therefore, as a matter of course, still in un*

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" Handley calls attention to certain defects in the operation

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recently reported that they have obtained positive Wassermann reactions

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tonics, with a stimulating embrocation rubbed into the arm,

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that "negroes bear amputation without a murmur." What

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According to the observations of Biermer^ veratrine (which has

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and impressed him with the importance of attention to every

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so that when the whole drug is used, or preparations made from

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I might mention that Frank Billings in a recent book makes the state-

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pressed with a variety of very distressing complaints.

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Percussion in disease gives us not merely a new set of sounds, but we

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The treatment is tedious, consisting in the use of the nasal douche,

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House of Delegates, Connecticut State Medical Society, Gentle-

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ited institutions as meeting the criteria for Category 1 of the

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neighbourhood of the wound, on the inner side of the great toe,

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considers the oliguria with accompanying or resulting renal insufficiency,

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(see Lieutenant Hoxie's report, 1880), following the line of