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fact that Richardson — he believed it was Richardson
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through these pages and read for yourself what the Philippine
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Oi the body (liver, heart, etc.) without giving rise to symptoms is a noteworthy
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on it, that where colchicum does not afford relief in a short time, and
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of nitrogen, he loses 9-38 grammes in the fasces. Kesults such as
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blood. The term is also used to denote a deficiency of blood, and espe-'
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ill 24 hours ; vomiting was the first symptom. On the night of the 13th
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verted, large, tender, and soft. Cervix lacerated, but
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be rested on the table or the handle of a crutch-stick), or
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(June 8). The preparation appeared to counteract the feeling of fatigue, and
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memory and attention observed in cerebral syphilis, and are not un-
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tion between individual papules almost impossible. The presence of
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as it rises, then put in the berries and let them come to a boil.
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is most conveniently ti'eated of in connection with them. Erysipelas is, pro-
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think, be a startling one. I, myself, know of five, .and have heard of
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should be left. There is not an atom of evidence to support
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abdomen, and over both are numerous broad red atrophic areas. The
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■ ■ •. in that they show so high a titer \<<y paratyphoid l'.. though both
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ological excavation and venous pulsation, both eyee, but no
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“Gross : The specimen consists of an ovary, slightly
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bility, not alone by inoculation, but by means of an infected atmosphere or
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sufficiently severe to give rise to disturbance that
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seborrhoeic, and no demodex was found in these specimens.
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this Society began in 1894 when Dr. M. J. White read a paper advo-
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Edinburgh to Melrose, proving fatal to several horses. It is
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a few remarks upon the treatment of echinococci by puncture,
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the minor degrees of the affection, and that in the severer
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rons d'Orbec, au commencement de I'annee 183(i. lleni.
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The brain and spinal marrow carefully removed. The nerves leading from the spinal Bar-,
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Frequently the flagella become separated from the organism and
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us the result of his own in a couple of very long chapters in
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times as a firm mass, without any discoverable indication of fluctuation ;
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for neuralgia, I may mention disease of the articular processes of the cervical